Brent crude oil flirts with $80 ahead of OPEC+ meeting




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Brent crude oil flirts with $80 ahead of OPEC

Brent crude oil has reached a significant milestone, flirting with $80 per barrel just ahead of the highly anticipated OPEC+ meeting. As the market waits with bated breath, investors are keeping a close eye on the outcome of the meeting and the expected curbs on oil supplies through 2024.

The postponement of the meeting, triggered by disagreements among African nations regarding supply cuts, had initially sent oil prices tumbling.

However, sources now suggest that OPEC+ is moving closer to a compromise, raising expectations of a rollover of Saudi and Russia cuts at the very least. Despite these positive indications, there remains limited risk appetite among investors, with a wait-and-see approach dominating the market. Analysts warn that until there is clarity on the outcome, crude oil prices are likely to struggle to rally.


The article discusses the current state of the oil market, particularly in anticipation of the upcoming OPEC+ meeting. Oil prices have fallen, with Brent crude hovering around $80 a barrel. Investors are eagerly awaiting the expected curbs on supplies into 2024.

Market Overview

Oil prices fall ahead of OPEC+ meeting

Oil prices have experienced a decline as the market awaits the OPEC+ meeting. Brent crude futures are down 37 cents, or 0.4%, at $80.21 a barrel, while US West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude futures lost 29 cents, or 0.4%, to $75.25. This drop in prices comes after both contracts lost $1 in early trading.

Brent crude hovers around $80 a barrel

The article highlights that Brent crude is currently hovering around $80 a barrel. This price point is significant as it represents a key level of resistance for the oil market. The market is closely watching whether Brent crude can surpass this level or if it will face further downward pressure.

Investors await expected curbs on supplies into 2024

Investors are eagerly anticipating the curbs on supplies that are expected to be implemented into 2024. OPEC+ is considering deepening oil production cuts, which could potentially provide support for oil prices. However, until a formal announcement is made, there is limited risk appetite to buy crude.

Brent crude oil flirts with $80 ahead of OPEC+ meeting

OPEC+ Meeting

Meeting postponed to Nov 30

The highly anticipated OPEC+ meeting, which was initially scheduled for a specific date, has been postponed to November 30. This delay has heightened the market’s anticipation and speculation about the outcome of the meeting.

African nations disagreed on supply cuts

One of the reasons for the meeting’s postponement was the disagreement among African nations regarding the proposed supply cuts. These differences in production targets for African producers needed to be resolved before the meeting could proceed.

Saudi Arabia moves closer to a compromise

The article states that Saudi Arabia, the de facto leader of OPEC+, has moved closer to reaching a compromise. This development has raised hopes for a resolution and potential agreement on production cuts.

OPEC+ looking at deepening oil production cuts

According to sources, OPEC+ is considering deepening oil production cuts despite the delay in the meeting. The aim is to stabilize and support oil prices in the market. These potential cuts will have significant implications for the global oil market.

Formal announcement still awaited

While progress has been made, a formal announcement regarding the outcome of the OPEC+ meeting is still awaited. This lack of clarity has contributed to a cautious approach in the market, with investors holding back until more information is available.

Analysts’ Expectations

Expectation of rollover of Saudi and Russia cuts

Analysts expect that Saudi Arabia and Russia will agree to roll over their production cuts into the following year. This extension of cuts is seen as an essential measure to maintain stability in the oil market.

ING analysts expect additional voluntary cut to continue

ING analysts anticipate that Saudi Arabia will continue its additional voluntary cut of 1 million barrels per day (bpd) into the next year. Additionally, Russia is expected to extend its own production cuts. These actions are crucial in providing support to oil prices.

Downward pressure on market if cuts not extended

If the production cuts are not extended as expected, the market could face further downward pressure. The article highlights the importance of these cuts in preventing an oversupply of oil and maintaining a balanced market.

OPEC countries’ exports decline in line with targets

According to Goldman Sachs analysts, OPEC countries’ exports have declined to 1.3 million bpd below April levels, aligning with the group’s supply targets. This reduction in exports indicates that OPEC countries are adhering to their commitments.

Brent crude oil flirts with $80 ahead of OPEC+ meeting

United Arab Emirates and Iraq

UAE to ramp up exports

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is preparing to increase its exports of Murban crude early next year. This move comes as the UAE looks to take advantage of favorable market conditions and meet its export targets.

Efforts by Iraq to resume northern crude exports

Iraq is actively working to resume its northern crude exports through Turkey. Officials from Iraqi oil companies and Iraqi Kurdish officials will meet in early December to discuss contract changes central to this issue. The outcome of these discussions will have implications for Iraq’s oil exports.

Global Oil Markets

IEA expects slight surplus in 2024

The International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts a slight surplus in global oil markets in 2024, even if OPEC+ extends its production cuts into the following year. This projection underscores the delicate balance between supply and demand in the oil market.

Higher crude stockpiles in the US put downward pressure on prices

The article mentions that higher crude stockpiles in the United States have contributed to downward pressure on oil prices. This surplus of oil inventory in the US market has implications for global oil prices and market dynamics.

Brent crude oil flirts with $80 ahead of OPEC+ meeting

Conclusion Brent crude oil flirts with $80 ahead of OPEC

In conclusion, the oil market is currently awaiting the outcome of the OPEC+ meeting and the expected curbs on supplies into 2024. Oil prices have experienced a decline, and the market is keenly observing developments in the market. Analysts expect a rollover of production cuts by Saudi Arabia and Russia, as well as potential additional voluntary cuts. The actions and decisions made during the OPEC+ meeting will have significant implications for the oil market in the coming years.

Brent crude oil flirts with $80 ahead of OPEC+ meeting

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